Sensor networks for any purpose

Monitor every physical variable inside your business. Generate warnings, alarms and automatic responses to specific sensor readings.

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Hardware & software made flexible

We apply our skills in hardware designing and software development to adapt all our systems in order to fit them exactly where you need.

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Wide solutions for domotics and inmotics.

Everything you need to "smartify" residential complexes, office buildings and your home.

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Control and telemetry gone mobile

Wide range of solutions on GSM, GPS and Satellite mobile technology for trucks or remote stations.

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Control and telemetry in one single powerful tool
Insidetechs Dashboard

A flexible and responsive web/mobile application with many custom components and views

Full responsive

Providing optimal viewing and interaction experience. Easy navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices.

Modern charts reports

Wide chart collection for telemetry and historical data visualization, according to year, month, week and day.


Smart and customizable warning system

Setup custom ranges for your sensors and make them warn you by email, sms or even a phone call if any of the readings has exceeded their established limits.

Custom Scenarios

Setup specific scenarios for users, supervisors and managers. Create views with all the specific information you need for workstations, warehouses, laboratories, etc.

Discover great feautres

Anything you need in a dashboard to help you manage, monitor and control telemetry modules in an easy way.

Insidetechs Powerful Dashboard

Perfectly designed

Our dashboard allow you to take full control of your telemetry devices, setup activity schedules for your machinery, monitor its energy consumption and check which machine is on and which one is off; also verify which one is working and which one it's not. All this functionality with non invasive sensors and flexible interfaces. Insidetechs technology is modular and scalable, bringing all the flexibility you need to be integrated within your environmenta and start monitoring in no time. Start tracking your ware, controlling actuators and monitoring variables like temperature, moisture (humidity), presence, distance, energy consumtion, light intensity, sound, container levels, gas, height, preasure, weight and more.

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Our Technologies

We have the perfect telemetry solution for you.


Sensors, actuators, boards, screens and more. Keep track of every process in your business with the power of an IP network.

GSM & Satellite

Control, telemetry and tracking functionality for trucks, warehouses or any mobile thing even in the middle of nowhere.


Sensor networks through zigbee mesh technology, long distance controlling and a wide range of solutions in radio frequency, not only Zigbee.

Ethernet (POE)

Wired communication for industrial applications where the electromagnetic noise is more than relevant.


Control and monitor telemetry devices connected to smartphones through bluetooth and log or report via gsm.


Tag readers/writers, control access systems, electronic purses, inventory control for warehouses and more.


"The machine will follow man until both become one."

Mauricio Suárez

Main developer and founder. Hardware and software developer, digital systems specialist.

Even more great feautres

Our platform is designed to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Insidetechs Web App

Fully Responsive

Insidetechs web app is a premium admin dashboard with flat design concept. It is fully responsive built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. Perfect to be used with your phone, tablet or laptop.

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Insidetechs Mobile App

Perfectly designed

Powerful user interface with easy to use controls and modern charts that helps you better interpret your data. Navigate through all your sensors and actuators easily and organize your dashboard just like you need it.

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What our partners say

Our best customers talking about us.

"The best platform for my greenhouses, I can control and monitor every minimum change and give my precious plants the best for an optimal growing."
Jim Phelan
"The best ally I could get for my business. I can monitor temperature on my racks from anywhere in the world 24/7 and receive alarms on my phone when it's necessary."
Andrew Tolman
"Monitoring temperature and preasure inside my cauldrons is crutial to me and Insidetechs platform allow me to do it from anywhere and even create roles for the people in charge."
Andy Waller

More and more extra great feautres

Check what insidetechs platform may offer to help you simplify your process.

Insidetechs Telemetry


Let our system warn you if your refrigerator is not at the right temperature or even if there is a flood in your laboratory. You can also setup your system to close a solenoid valve automatically if gas or liquids are detected..

Insidetechs Dashboard


Check your sensor network status and control all your actuators from your phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world. Setup action schedules for your actuators and make special views for your employees or co workers.

Insidetechs Mobile App


Track, monitor and control your transportation vehicles even in the middle of nowhere with our mixed GSM-Satellite comunication technology. If there is no GSM network available we use satellite technology..

Insidetechs Web App


Access control systems for your home, office, building or residential complexes. Generate temporary access codes for visitors and setup special permissions to specific areas in your complex or building..

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